Monday, August 25, 2008

Get A Room!

Dear Tongue Twisted,

That sounds like some party. Let me rephrase that, "That sounds like some parties!" Well this proves it. Children today have definitely changed in comparison to my generation. Shoot, we were scared to hold hands, let alone neck in front of grown folks. With that being said, I think you should have went over and said something to those babies. Too many of us, adults are either scared or have given up on our youth. I'm sure they would have cut it out if you approached them, respectfully. Or, at least, they would have moved out of sight.

I know how it feels when you get so frustrated and disgusted with the poor choices kids make. But , think about it, that's more of a reason for us to step in and guide them toward good choices.

Love you much,
Big Mama

What do you think? Are there any family members out there?

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