Thursday, August 21, 2008


Oh my Sweet LaRae',

I am so sorry to hear that you are dealing with such a troubling situation. However, the idea of divorce must be approached very carefully. I regret that I do not have enough information to advise you appropriately on whether to stay in your marriage. But, I can give you some advice.

Well it seems to me that your husband is like okra. He looks fresh,green and healthy on the outside but he is slimy in the inside. Put him under some heat and he gets even slimier. Ugh!

Before you go, here's what you do. Invite your sister over to the house for dinner. Don't tell your husband that you are going to have company. When she arrives ask your husband and her sister about the pictures and get the whole story. I doubt that this is innocent, but stay open to the idea that it is.

I can't think of one reason he would have half-naked pictures of your sister (your sister!) in his phone. Child hush! Also, from the looks of it he is not very apologetic. I regret to say that if you do not take a stand he will continue this activity. You need to go away for awhile and think it through.

Love you always,
Big Mama